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Established in June of 2000, Ronn Palm's Museum of Civil War Images opened its doors to the public in the small, historic Pennsylvania town known as Gettysburg. Ronn took on the intricate task of acquiring a building large enough to display his large collection of photographic images and other historic military memorabilia. Aside from what's inside the museum, the building itself is of some important significance; dating back to 1802 as a two story log home, which is now covered in brick. It is the second oldest known structure in the historic district of Gettysburg.

The museum's purpose is to honor the Civil War Soldier by exhibiting original photography of the soldier, through an excess of over 4,00 original images and artifacts on display. The Museum's collection focuses mainly on soldiers from the State of Pennsylvania, in which each photograph is accordingly and displayed by regimental designation. One of the most impressive exhibits featured, is that of the Pennsylvania Bucktails. Ronn has put together a marvelous gallery of soldiers who served in the 42nd (also known as the 13th Pennsylvania Reserves), 149th and 150th Pennsylvania Bucktails. This display features over 350+ Bucktail photographs, including various memorabilia and reunion items. The collection is featured in the "Pennsylvania Bucktails a Photographic Album of the 42nd, 149th & 150th Pennsylvania Regiments from the collection of Ronn Palm." Since the book came out there has been another 200+ images added to the museum collection and a number of artifacts that are on exhibit. The museum is seeking any original pictures of the Bucktail soldiers & artifacts to be included in this Special exhibit as well as any other pictures of Pennsylvania soldiers.

Recent additions of memorabilia of the following regiments: 103rd, 148th & 149th (Bucktails) Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiments.

Ronn Palm hails from the Western portion of the Commonwealth; he prides himself on knowing that men from that area of the state are well represented in his museum, featuring soldiers from the following regiments:


11th PA Volunteers, 9th PA Reserves, 11th PA Reserves, 13th PA Reserves, 61st PA Volunteers, 62nd PA Volunteers, 63rd PA Volunteers, 78th PA Volunteers, 83rd PA Volunteers, 85th PA Volunteers, 102nd PA Volunteers, 103rd PA Volunteers, 105th PA Volunteers, 111th PA Volunteers, 139th PA Volunteers, 140th PA Volunteers, 149th PA Volunteers, 150th PA Volunteers, 155th PA Volunteers


1st PA Cavalry, 2nd PA Cavalry, 3rd PA Cavalry, 4th PA Cavalry, 14th PA Cavalry, 16th PA Cavalry, 18th PA Cavalry, 22nd "Ringgold" Cavalry


Knapp's Battery, Nevin's Battery, Hampton's Battery, Independent Batteries, 5th PA Heavy Artillery, 6th PA Heavy Artillery

The collection also houses additional photographs of Pennsylvania soldiers serving in other units which came from different areas of the state, including the 1st thru 13th Pennsylvania Reserve Regiments, Pennsylvania Zouave Regiments, such as Birney's 23rd PA, Baxter's 72nd PA, the Keystone Zouaves of the 76th PA, Gosline's Zouaves of the 95th PA and Collis' Zouaves of the 114th PA.

There are a great many images displayed from other states as well, both identified and unidentified.

Copies of images in the collection can be obtained for a charge and agreement. The museum also offers books, pictures and artifacts for sale.

Hours of Operation

Donations can be made safely and securely by using Pay Pal or by mail to:

Ronn Palm's Museum of Civil War Images
C/O Ronn Palm
229 Baltimore Street,
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Hours of Operation
Open most weekdays 10AM - 5PM (But email or call prior)
Saturday 10AM - 7PM
Sunday 11AM - 6PM

Weekdays by appointment only, call or email.

Phone: 724-664-5150
Email: cwi3@windstream.net

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The Museum is always seeking pictures of soldiers and memorabilia to add to the exhibits, especially Pennsylvania related. Please contact Ronn @ 724-664-5150

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Captain Levi A. Weaver, 55th Pennsylvania Volunteers.

For more info about these available images, please contact Ronn Palm

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